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Reproach - Despair/Shittown EP
New release by these unstoppable thrashing hardcore maniacs from Belgium. Six new songs full of anger, frustrations, and disgust. Limited color mailorder wax. Pre-order now!
Sex Prisoner - Tannhauser Gate LP
First full length from Tucson Arizona’s Sex Prisoner, blending powerviolence with a beatdown jock and metalcore approach. Limited color wax. Pre-order now!
Reproach Sex Prisoner- Tannhauser Gate LP
Weekend Nachos - Apology LP
Weekend Nachos go out in a storm of hatred with their final album, Apology. 13 tracks of utter punishment has them sounding more dangerous and urgent than ever before. White wax for mail order. Pre-order now!
God's America - Merge With The Infinite - Worthless In Death LP
From Las Vegas, NV, a brutal power violence /grindcore mix with slow parts. For fans of Larm and Insect Warfare. 500 press. Color wax for mail order only. Pre-order now!
Weekend nachos- Apology LP God's America LP
Fractured - Dilapidated EP OUT JULY! Fractured - Delapidated 7" Ten songs of fast hardcore, depression, and abuse. Bob from Low Threat Profile. Kevin from Lack of Interest. Hans from False Negative. For fans of No Comment, Despise You, and Antidote. Limited wax of 500. Pre-order now!

Deep Six Records specializes in grind, power violence, sludge, thrash, and hardcore. Recent artists include Bastard Noise, Nausea, Lack of Interest, Cold World, Low Threat Profile, Extortion, Hummingbird of Death, ACXDC, To The Point, Phobia, Weekend Nachos, Fast Asleep, Fetus Eaters, FYPM, and Cripple Bastards.
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